The Smart Way to Manage Personal Finances

Any amount of income will never be enough to meet your needs if you are never satisfied and are good at managing your personal finances. Even those who are financially fortunate will experience financial problems if they cannot manage their personal finances well.

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Indeed, managing personal finances such as join is the main key to achieving financial success. Moreover, with the increasing cost of living, we are smarter in managing finances so we are not trapped in debt. If you are not or already married, let’s familiarize yourself with how to manage finances better which will have many needs that must be met.

Want to know how to manage personal finance?

We can manage personal finance by understanding two simple concepts, namely income and expenses. Income is the amount of money you earn such as monthly salary, operating income, investment income, pension, rent and so forth. Meanwhile, expenses are payments for products or services consumed through our income.

Personal finance consists of various topics such as recording income, making a budget, and managing outcome wisely. Understanding the basics of financial management will make you live well today and build a stable financial future. Have you recorded an income every month? If not, start recording your income this month so you can manage your personal finances well. This income breakdown comes from salary as a company employee or a civil servant. If you also run other professions and side businesses such as freelancers, online taxi drivers, online sales businesses, tutors, home rental businesses and so on to increase revenue you should also note.

After you record the details of your income, then allocate your income to the expenditure budget such as monthly shopping. Every month, there are important needs that must be met routinely, such as buying kitchen needs, buying bathing needs, paying for electricity and water, and so forth. At least 50% of monthly income must be set aside for these routine needs.