How to Start a Blog

Before determining the purpose of start a blog, you need to get a general picture of what you want to write blog lingo. There are certainly no limitations when determining blog categories, but there are some general topics that you can consider:

Game (gaming)
Trend or style of dress
Politics / social justice / activism
Cooking food

Get to know things that don’t need to be displayed. Things like personal information (both one’s own and others) and personal details that are not shared with people closest to you should not be used as a blog topic. If you have a job that requires you to sign a non-disclosure agreement, you may not discuss the activities or topics described in the agreement. You can create a blog that talks about other people as long as you don’t interfere or discriminate against the person concerned. However, be careful that this person might see your content and get revenge (by creating a blog about you).

Consider the purpose of the blog. Although the topic of a blog can be an appropriate start, a blog still needs certain direction in order to function or “work” accordingly. Some reasons that encourage someone to create a blog include one or a combination of the following things. However, you can, of course, find your own inspiration to create a blog:

Teach something – The instruction is suitable for fulfilling this purpose/function (eg self-help project blog).
Documenting experiences – This goal can be achieved through travel blogs, fitness challenges, and more.
Entertaining – This goal can be applied to various media, such as comedy reading blogs, fan fiction, and others.
Inspire others – This category can stand alone, but maybe more in line with the purpose / other functions in this segment.

Visit other blogs in the category you want to explore. After determining the topic and purpose of the blog, find out about other blogs that have the same topic and / or writing style you want so you know how the owner/manager attracts attention and interacts with readers. You can’t just copy the blog you like, but you can take inspiration from the atmosphere/tone, layout, or language used in the blog content.

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