This Is the Difference In Maintenance Between Monolithic Concrete And Pile Foundations

Monolithic concrete foundations exist in almost every building and residential building to withstand the burden that is on it with soft soil conditions. In the meantime, if your foundation needs to be encapsulated soon, we recommend you to call a company of the foundation and Crawl Space Encapsulation expert.

Maintenance performed:

1) Try to drainage around the building has been designed and run well during the building is operated.

2) Keep the foundation away from tree roots or other damaging plant roots.

3) Alternatively, protect the damaging plant roots with a translucent and hardened material so that the roots do not damage the building foundation.

4) Keep the condition of the soil around the foundation maintained from the excavation for the construction of other buildings that are deeper except by means of specific precautions such as the installation of retaining plates (for example sheet piles).

On the other hand, piles foundation can be made of concrete or wood. Piles are made of reinforced concrete or iron does not require maintenance.

While woodpiles are used for building or residential buildings in tidal areas (for example in Kalimantan) that use wood as the main material.

Maintenance performed:

1) For the ends of the poles which at certain times the water recedes and are exposed to the heat of the sun and water alternately, the poles must be periodically given a layer of emulsion paint that is waterproof and heat.

2) The surface of the pole must be clean of moss or sticking water animals.

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