Should I Consider The Hand Shape When Buying Watches?

Is it important to consider the shape of hand before you choose a tag heur watch? You can imagine whether or not you feel comfortable when you wear a watch if you don’t consider that thing. Generally, the owners of large and fatty diameter hands are those who are fat and very fat. Actually, the bone of a fat person is not big. It’s just a layer of meat and fat that is thick enough to make the size of the hand become large. For those who have this type of hand, avoid using small straps and bobble watches. Preferably, choose a medium to wide strappy watch with a strap material not too thin, and a medium to large pendulum watch.

Those who have a wide and flat hand shape can be more free to choose the shape of a watch either large or small. However, it can be more beautiful if you use a wristwatch with a strap material such as stainless steel compared to leather or canvas.

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