Height And Armrests Are Important Elements Of Office Chairs

Paying attention to the height of the office chair you want to use is an important factor for comfort and health. The height of the office chair should be adjustable and adjusted so that your feet can sit comfortably on the floor. That’s why when you look for comfortable office chairs, we recommend you to check out the Madison Seating. The angle between your leg and thigh as much as possible 90 ° or close, this is so that the body’s burden is not only resting on the calf or thigh.

This position allows you to sit comfortably. Moreover, too long sitting with legs hanging will affect the entire posture. In the article, the position of the feet that disturb the blood flow is only centered on the area of the body that is above the office chair. This condition can certainly interfere with your health.

The next step you need to consider when choosing the design of an office chair is the armrest. It would be very good if you choose an office chair that can adjust the height of the armrest. When working in front of a computer or laptop, generally the side of the body that often moves in the hands. Office chairs can be used as armrests when the hands feel sore or tired.

A good position is a forearm wherever possible at an angle of 90 ° from the upper arm. Also, choose an office chair whose armrests can be adjusted to the position of the upper arm as close to the body as possible. This is so that the shoulder position can be as comfortable as possible so that it reduces tension in the shoulder and neck joints.

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