You May Use These Food Ingredients To Clean Your Kitchen Appliances

A wood cooker is needed when you stir or fry food in a Teflon pan. Some spoons, codes, or spatula are made of wood. How to clean remaining stubborn food stains that stick to cooking utensils like the Wolf appliances is actually quite easy.

You can use the following cleansing ingredients:


Cleaning cooking tools with salt does not take time. Simply by mixing salt with a bowl of hot water. Soak the wood cooking utensils which will be cleaned for five minutes. After that, dry your cooking utensils, wipe and dry in the sun.


In addition to salt, you can use vinegar also quite effectively. Put one glass of vinegar and one tablespoon of honey in one bowl. Mix the two ingredients together. Afterward, dip the cotton, tissue or cloth in the vinegar and honey liquid to clean the stains or residual odor of food in cooking tools made of wood.


Lemon is very effective for cleaning your cooking utensils. It’s easy, first, you have to prepare boiling water mixed with lemon juice first. Then, lift the boiling water that has been mixed with the lemon juice. While it’s still hot, insert the wood cooking utensils that you want to clean. Then soak the device for 15 minutes. Afterward, clean your wooden cooker with a cloth and dry in the sun to dry.

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